On the night market of Mawlamyaing

On the banks of the Thanlwin River, one cooking kitchen follows the other. Fresh fish, shrimp, meat skewers and vegetables are available. The colourful plastic chairs are mainly made up of locals. The air smells delicious after grilled food.

The self-made oven is fired with charcoal. In a special cast iron pan, the small dumplings with filling, which cost only a few cents, are prepared in fat.

This family is specialized in fried noodles or fried rice in different variations. For me this stand was my favourite.

Extraordinary barbecue: Yes, the Burmese also eat this, grilled with different sauces, for me as a vegetarian only useful as a photo object.

Behind the kitchens, plastic tables and chairs are placed on the banks of the river every evening.

At this kitchen you can make your own choice and then the skewers are transported to the grill.

Large assortment of fresh fish, fresh shrimps, lobsters, chicken, beef and pork. Some of the skewers I could not identify.

Mawlamyaing Nachtmarkt Wok

A noodle dish is prepared with a lot of fire magic and loud shouting.

Oak way The city that never sleeps