An uncomfortable night in the provincial capital Kunduz.

Eiskalter und nasser Wind peitscht an diesem Abend durch die Strassen von Kunduz, es ist ein sehr ungemütlicher Novemberabend. Den Umständen trotzend müssen die Menschen ihre luftigen Läden und Verkaufstellen trotzdem offen halten, jeder Tag und jede Nachtstunde zählt um ein wenig Geld zu verdienen, auch wenn wegen des Wetters kaum noch Menschen unterwegs sind.

Nacht Kunduz Laden

Only a few friends have turned up at the local hairdresser's; hair or beard trimming is not on the agenda this night. It is at least dry in here, but not warm.

Conditions must be ideally cool for the apples on a small sales cart on the muddy pavement. Less pleasant for the local farmer, who has been trying to sell a few kilos of his own harvest all day.

The big grocery stores wait in vain for shoppers this evening, yet the shops are open late into the night and the owners wait patiently, freezing, for closing time.

Kunduz Beleuchtung Lampe

Light construction swaying in the wind: A wooden shed next to a shop is at least brightly illuminated.

Evening chat at the sales counter,...

…der Verkäufer eines kleinen Lebensmittelladens im Gespräch mit einem Bekannten. Rechts daneben, hell erleuchtet, der gut bestückte DVD-Laden, meist mit wilden Kopien indischer Bollywood Filme.

Restaurant Kebab Kunduz

The restaurant in the background is relatively well frequented, the kebab griller is at least a little warmed by his charcoal grill while he prepares the skewers for the restaurant's guests.

It rounds off the fatty grilled meal, and those who want can have a bowl of Ferni a typical Afghan dessert.

Dripping heat Bathing in turquoise


  1. Great photographic report, but I’m completely surrendered, for its play of light and shadows, to the photo of the apples with the lamp, and the last but one photo, for the colors and the different depths.