Mint tea Morocco
© Omar Sayami

Sweet thirst

In the souk of Marrakech: Peppermint tea is the traditional drink in Morocco, mostly it is drunk quite sweetened. Meanwhile there are tea houses that offer the tea also without sugar.

First pour a tablespoon of green tea into a 400 ml Moroccan jug and pour a little water over it. The Moroccans then boil this brew on a gas flame. So that the mint tea does not taste too bitter, the cooked brew is poured away. Now add a suitable bundle of freshly harvested Moroccan mint to the tea leaves left in the jug and fill everything up to the rim with water. As soon as the mixture is well cooked, the teapot is taken off the heat and additionally filled with lots of sugar, mostly in the form of sticks.

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  1. Very sweet … I prefer to drink tea without sugar. In fact, even coffee I drink without sugar.
    Technically a very well done photograph.
    Well done!