Chapels in Greece
© Omar Sayami

Helpers at the Roadside

View into a chapel by the wayside: In the past, these mini-churches were built so that the farmers who worked in their fields could pray regularly during their working hours. The mini-churches served as a place of worship and a substitute for the real church, which was often too far away. Each farmer could thus build his own little church next to his fields and perform his prayers.

But these small churches also tell of tragedies that happen a thousand times a year on the Greek streets. They are mostly fatal accident victims or those who have survived an accident. The devout Greeks always attribute this happiness to a saint who held his protective hand over the survivor. | Greece

Caribbean Hang Out Hole in the Wall


  1. Given the cobwebs, I think it will be a custom that is being lost. Which is unfortunate, because it is these little things that make a culture and society unique.