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Ferry across the Kunduz River in Qalay-i-Zal | Afghanistan

Stroll through Town The most beautiful city in the world...


    1. Paolo, you permit – please – to follow this thread?
      “5 Euro Cents” gives me no idea what’s the equivalent spending power in Afghanistan.
      Mr.O., please can you tell us what – for example – is the salary per month for a teacher or a policeman or another representative profession of your choice.
      what is the price of a loaf of bread of 500 grams
      or a quarter of milk
      or fuel
      or whatever is helpful to work as a leveling
      thanks for your efforts!

    2. Lieber “Täglicher Gast”,
      the prices differ in the cities, for example Kabul and Herat:
      loaf of bread 0.20€ and 0.16€
      milk 0.88€ and 0.79.€
      Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 6€ and 2.50
      rice 1kg 1.50€ and 0.55€
      gasoline 1l 0.70€ and 1.05€
      Average Monthly Disposable Salary (After Tax) 250€ and 170€
      a teacher will get a salary round about 50€ an afghan UN driver 250-500€
      the prices in the rural areas are a less high than in the cities
      but still prices are increasing, specially for food