Weaver birds in Oman Salalah
© Omar Sayami

Sphere building

In the dunes on the beach of Salalah: Weaver birds are cultural followers. That means they live close to humans. Many species of weaver birds are colony breeders. The colonies can comprise thousands of birds. Often, hanging nests hang close together in the treetops.

Among the weaver birds, it is mainly the brightly coloured, polygamous males that build the intricately spun, elaborate hanging nests with long, tensile and flexible plant fibres, feathers or wool. With the nests, which are created before courtship, the males try to win over the more plainly coloured females. In many species, a male builds several nests to ensure that the female will accept one of the nests. | Oman

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  1. And it’s impressive, that being the opening underneath, the nest maintains enough structure, to withstand the weight of eggs and birds.