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Schlange Myanmar Kloster

During my stay in the PaAuk monastery I met this snake again and again. The monks could not tell me if it was a poisonous reptile. But mindfulness was the order of the day anyway, as one moved barefoot through the monastery grounds.

Myanmar Schlange

Also during walks through the jungle I saw only this snake again and again. Maybe there are snake connoisseurs who can tell me which animal it is. | Myanmar

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  1. I can not say anything, because I do not know anything about snakes.
    But if I had to bet on a name, I would bet it would be a “Boiga cyanea”. It’s native to Southeast Asia and bites by this species not expected to cause medically significant effects.

  2. ziemlich sicher gibt es die.
    Wie wärs mit einem Anruf bei 040 – 53 00 33-0 ??