Freedom and the elephant

Thailand Elefant Camp Quälerrei

On one of our hikes on Koh Chang Island we passed an elephant riding rental and unfortunately my prejudices were confirmed. The animals were all attached to heavy chains, stood on concrete floors and teetered monotonously back and forth. Even if the animals may look good at first sight, one should not be deceived by it, often the hard training as a "holiday elephant" is an ordeal for the sensitive elephants.

The pet rights organisation PETA repeatedly warns against being lulled by the offers of the camps. Rather, it is advisable to abstain from elephant trekking.

If you are still interested in elephants, you may prefer to dedicate yourself to the animals in a different way. In Chiang Mai Province, about 60 kilometers from the city, there has been a protected area since 1990, the Elephant nature park, where tortured elephants have found a new home. In a valley, very close to a river and surrounded by the mountains, visitors and animals find peace and quiet. | Thailand

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  1. So terrible to find them in these situations where you know it is not good for them. Seeing the chain around the foot is disheartening. At first when I didn’t see any tusks, I thought one may have been robbed of its ivories. I see her trunk reaching out as a sign of needing help.