Gold plated wedding in the glass palace

Weddings in Afghanistan are usually celebrated on a grand scale and with many guests, business partners and family. Meanwhile, a whole wedding hall industry has established itself throughout the country. In Kabul there are now whole streets paved with these buildings. The glass boxes often spread the charm of a Las Vegas plastic world, with artificial palm trees, fountains and many flashing fairy lights.

Even a power plant does not scare the builders away from their intention to place it right next to it. Land prices in the metropolis are now exorbitantly high.

The celebrations usually take place in separate rooms, men and women each have their own celebrations. Unfortunately, this is still an old tradition. In earlier years this tradition was broken, from the sixties to the eighties people celebrated together, at least in the more liberal cities.

For the families, a celebration is quite expensive, twenty dollars and more you have to pay per guest for the meal and the room. The societies then sometimes are made up of 150 - 250 people, for not well-to-do Afghans not even in the beginning feasible. Nevertheless, the wedding industry is booming, especially in Kabul there is now a super-rich upper class.

The upper part of the Hotel Khorasan also served as a wedding platform. However, the operator could not stand up to the big competition and meanwhile the whole complex lies wasted.

Also in other Afghan cities like Herat, Mazar-iSharif or Kunduz there is this business, also here with apparently splendid buildings.

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  1. Informative Bilderfolge, die neugierig macht.

    Findet dort auch die standesamtliche und/oder religiöse Trauung statt oder wird hier nur gefeiert?