Hamburg Ericusspitze Spiegel Hafencity
© Omar Sayami

Last View

This last view from my office of a part of the Hafencity in Hamburg: After a big clean-up, I had the opportunity to enter my office again. After the pandemic, I will work on another floor.

Extensive curve radius The humming in the morning


  1. The difference in floor, may not make a big difference in the view. Unless you go to the other side of the building.
    But in any case, Hamburg will always be at your feet.

  2. Ich wünsche Ihnen (und uns “dedicated followern”) eine 35° Drehung nach rechts,
    in weiterhin überragender Panorama-Lage
    (“anderes” heisst ja nicht unbedingt “tieferes” :-) )
    Hinterlässt die Pandemie grundlegend geänderte Nutzungskonzepte in der Hafencity?