Renault 4 SUV in Tavira
© Omar Sayami

The big hit

From 1961 to the end of 1992, the Renault 4, or as the French called it, Quatrelle, was produced. 25 hp, front-wheel drive, five doors, 5 seats and a boot. The SUV next to it also offers 5 seats and a boot, but is three times heavier, consumes three times as much and is ten times more expensive to buy. We were able to travel Europe and North Africa with our R4 for many, many years and it was enough for us.

Tavira | Portugal

Apparent calm Atlantic wind


  1. wie bei Kameras :
    teurere Geräte geben nicht automatisch bessere Ergebnisse

    ein voller Tank x juckender Reisefuß x Freizeit = Erinnerungen für kältere Tage

  2. erstaunlich WIE haltbar die kleinen Uralt Flitzer in dieser Gegend sind
    Staubwedel statt Waschstraße, wenig Regen, keine Streusalz….
    …oder ein Oldie Treff in der Gegend