Marrkesch Djemaa el Fna
© Omar Sayami

The Square

Sultans had once turned the central square into a place of execution, and the heads of the victims were displayed on skewers. In Arabic, Djemaa el Fna means assembly of the dead.

Today the square with its oriental atmosphere is appreciated by tourists and locals alike. In the evening there is a hustle and bustle with jugglers and snake charmers, storytellers, fortune tellers as well as artists and musicians. In addition there are stalls where culinary specialities of the region are served.

And always there, Marrakech's landmark, in the background the Koutoubia Mosque in front of an approaching thunderstorm. | Morocco

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  1. The places are made of history. Many stories are not joyful, but past is past and hopefully never come back as future.