© Omar Sayami

1001 Days

Hafenpromenade von Mutrah | Oman

My Boat, My House, My River Round Taste


  1. lelsie wargo | | Reply

    Wow….Omar this is a grea shot. I like to see the part of the world your in through your lens. It is very interesting. This shot has such wonderful tones. Excellent capture.

  2. Ben | | Reply

    Not alway esay to get a good light in these cities. But here you got somthing good.
    This well done :)

  3. Kamal | | Reply

    Agreed. this is some good light. Great that you've captured something beautiful under this light. Good job!

  4. romine | | Reply

    very beautiful composition. well balanced and framed and the light is quite special. well done

  5. b | | Reply

    Eigentlich haben meine Vor-Kommentatoren schon vor Jahren alles Wesentliche gesagt.
    Daher hier nur ein kleiner Dank für das Teilhabenlassen an Ihren Reisen.