Portugal Alentejo Fruit Trees Spring
© Omar Sayami

When the sun is smiling, the fruit grows in rhythm!

Fruit orchard in the hot Alentejo near Portel: The particularly warm climate in the Alentejo ensures high-yielding harvests of oranges, plums and olives. Cherries and apricots are also grown. Nevertheless, the region also suffers from climate change and excessive agriculture.

The west of the Alentejo has sandy soils and somewhat more frequent rainfall (approx. 700 mm/year) and can be used for the cultivation of cereals and oilseeds. The east, on the other hand, has stony and rocky soils (granite and slate); viticulture dominates here. In the south, livestock farming is clearly in the foreground on the terrain, which is often overgrown with cork and holm oaks. | Portugal

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  1. Titel *lol* / Foto toll
    wirklich gutes Bild
    Staccato-Reihen mit riesigen Abständen
    Von der Ernte wird bei den großen Vier des deutschen Handels aber wohl kaum etwas angeboten.

  2. There are so many olive trees in Portugal, and in the last year, olive oil has increased in price by 70%. They say there is a lack of production… Much of it is exported abroad.