© Omar Sayami

UFO Hunting

The appearance like a UFO cloud form happens more frequently in La Palma in appropriate weather conditions. Rotor clouds occur, which show a Cumulus like appearance with a smooth top, but unlike Cumulus clouds are often several kilometres long. Their lower bound is often in comb height of waves-inducing mountain obstacle. | Canary Islands | Spain

5 Second Rush Hour Life Raft


  1. WoW!
    Are we under attack ?!?
    I would have taken out the road, to focus the attention on the cloud, without distractions.

  2. Wow, ziemlich spektakulär =) Obwohl ich mal auf den Kanaren war, wusste ich von solchen Wolken nichts. Danke für das tolle Bild! Beste Grüße aus dem Hotel Schenna!