Volcano Sun Timanfaya
© Omar Sayami

Sun Eruption

In the Timanfaya National Park: some volcanoes are covered by the last rays of the day.

The Timanfaya National Park in the South West of the island covers 51,07 km², of the town line of of Yaizas up to the Montaña Timanfaya, the western boundary is the coastline. At that time 32 volcanic cone emerged here. These eruptions in the 18th century were, not only because of the large amount of erupted material, but also because of the long duration, the most important in the history of volcanism | Canary Islands

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  1. It was not the blue sky, and this could be a Martian landscape (judging by what I see in NASA and ESA photos).

    The way the light hits the hills in the background is excellent.