Sandy Gold

They still exist, the pristine beaches, at least in Myanmars South, such as the Nabule beach.

Nabule Beach Myanmar

At Nabule Beach on the Dawei Peninsula: A ten kilometer long beach at the end of which there is a small pagoda on the rock | Myanmar

A piece of natural coast that has not yet been targeted by the tourist infrastructure. Let us hope that the plans of the Burmese government will be put into practice and that these coasts will be developed sustainably. That the nature here remains untouched is rather illusory.

Pagode an der Andaman See

On the Andaman Sea with magical and golden pagodas rocks.

Buddhistische Stätte am Strand

Under the cobra there is a Buddha statue, above the beach there is a small Buddhist monastery.

View over one end of the beach, during my stay I was the only visitor of this coast. There is still no resort, hotels or other accommodation in this paradisiacal spot.

Myanmar Nabule Beach

The other ten kilometres of the Nabule Beach: A beach like a picture book, a little further inland there is a small village, otherwise the coast is quite deserted.

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