Monastery Zwegabin Hpaan panorama
© Omar Sayami

Airy rock

Early in the morning in the Zwegabin monastery: I started the steep ascent at 4 o'clock in the morning and after a strenuous 2 1/2 hours, sweating completely wet, I was rewarded with a fascinating view over the valley and the mountains of Hpaan and a magnificent sunrise.

800 meters of altitude have to be covered. The biggest part of the way consists of steps - all have different heights and these are sometimes in very good condition and sometimes hardly available. At some sections there is a railing to hold on to, often you have to be happy with tree roots or tree trunks.

Around the Zwegabin mountain there are monasteries and temples, at the foot of the mountain the Lumpini Park with over 1000 Buddha statues and half way there is a women's monastery | Myanmar

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