Forest circle Rügen Beech
© Omar Sayami

In the tree circle

On a hiking trail on the island of Rügen: The dead beech is circled, probably to avoid being hit by falling branches.

Between the Clay Standstill


  1. It seems like a very arduous task just to warn people of falling limbs. I bet in the tree’s younger days, this was part of an educational trail and the ring illustrates how far out the roots can grow depending on the spread of the tree’s branches. These would always be put up to warn constructions workers how far to stay away from trees when doing ground/excavation work.

  2. alter Bekannter…..
    oder war es tatsächlich ein Lehrpfad?
    oder doch voodoo?
    gar Quarantäne !!?
    oder nichts Genaues weiss man nicht?
    :-) ???

    Deutschland ist schön!