Las Médulas Spain Clay Mountains
© Omar Sayami

Gold teeth and Romans

Near the village of Las Médulas in the province of León: The serrated profile of these red clay mountains covered with chestnut trees is due to the Romans, who altered the natural landscape when they established a gold mine there from the 1st century AD.

To this end, they developed a system –Ruina Montium– which used hydraulic power to crush the rock and expose the gold. | Spain

Machine guns in the evening Sand, Wind, Water


  1. historische Umweltzerstörung mit Aussichtsplattform,
    in 2 Jahrtausenden nicht verheilt.

  2. In other words, the Romans were ruining everything…
    Or should we consider them as creators…
    Everyone will have their own opinion and however, one will not be more valid than the other.