On the way in the Draa Valley, one of the most enchanting landscapes in Morocco.

In the southeast of Ouarzazate an idyllic valley opens up with palm groves, Berber settlements and old kasbahs. The lifeline is the Draa River, which rises at the El Mansour reservoir near Ouarzazate and then flows southeast.

One of the many Kasbahs in the Draa valley, the Tamnougalt Kasbah.

The most beautiful part of the Draa valley is its upper course to Zagora, in the middle of which you will find fertile gardens with every imaginable fruit and spice. The Draa Valley is famous for its date production.

The theorhetically 1100 kilometres long river can only be seen as far as Zagora. Behind it it dries out most of the year, although its bed remains perceptible through isolated oases until Mhamid.

Draa Tal Marokko

At the end, the Draa River flows into the Atlantic Ocean after more than 1000 kilometres.

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