Jungle PaAuk Myanmar monastery
© Omar Sayami

Mental distraction

During the evening walking meditation through the jungle in the monastery PaAuk: First you cross a rubber plantation and then you get into a piece of real jungle.

As you can see I wasn't in mental focus at that moment and let myself be distracted by the last rays of the sun and took a photo. From time to time there were also distractions by crossing snakes. | Myanmar

The other way of living Sweet life


  1. es sieht auf den 1.Blick so aus wie in einem deutschen Laubwald…
    …wenn da nicht die Zapfstellen an den Bäumen wären…

    der Wirkungsgrad der Ablenkung wäre bei Sitzmeditataion allerdings erheblich effektiver
    (sorry, der Kalauer musste weg ;-)))