Kroatien Adria Regen
© Omar Sayami

Rainy Days

Adriatic Seline in the thunderstorm rain | Croatia

The Time Fischer's End


  1. om | | Reply

    Beautiful. the way the picture is divided to the "dark side" and the "sunny side" makes it a great one.

  2. Kamal | | Reply

    Wow. Amazing seascape. I really like the dramatic clouds. I concur with 'om' on the dark side and the sunny side. Great one.

  3. paolo | | Reply

    excellent photo, i love the dramatic sky, the reflections on the sea… the magic light and atmosphere in this! bellissima.

  4. SePp | | Reply

    wunderschöne Aufnahme. Tolle Farben, bedrohliche Wolken und mir gefallen die Regentropfen besonders gut.

  5. Marcus Lenngren | | Reply

    I am taken by the beauty of this picture. Very nice.