Sandnes Fjord Norwegen
© Omar Sayami

Fjord Night

Summer thunderstorm at Sandnesfjord | Norway

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  1. SePp | | Reply

    Wunderschöne Landschaft. Ich sagte zu davor dem Foto schon das es aussieht wie aus einem Traum… :-) Aber das trifft hier auch wieder zu. Grüße SePp

  2. paolo | | Reply

    the bright cloud and the boat makes the photo. there is an amazing atmosphere, nice one!

  3. Denis | | Reply

    A beautiful northern light, sweet, delicate, and finely shaded. You succeeded to catch all this in the picture. Great one !

  4. Kamal | | Reply

    The view is totally amazing. I like how you included the boat at the bottom corner which makes this image astounding.

  5. Timothy | | Reply

    Love the sillouette of the hills with the big Cumulus cloud, also the boat adds a lot of perspective to the shot.
    Well done!