The corner on the Chao Phraya

On a cooler evening at the Chao Phraya River and in the adjacent Sant-Chai-Prakan-Park in the middle of Bangkok you can escape the hectic pace and noise of the city.

Phra Sumen Fort Bangkok

At the edge of the green park with large trees lies one of the original 14 fortresses that protected Rattanakosin Island in Bangkok. Remaining are the Fort Mahakan in the east of the district and the Fort Phra Sumen described here in the northwestern corner.

The rampart, the gun emplacement and the cannons are still in their original state, and those who climb the citadel will be rewarded with a wonderful panoramic view over the river of kings, the Chao Phraya. You can also see the suspension bridge Rama VIII and the castle park.

View from the castle park to the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok at late hour.

At the park directly at the river there is a restaurant/bar with home-brewed beer. The restaurant "Dock" invites you to a nightcap with a view of the river.

In the park there is a small Buddhist prayer hall directly at the river.

Bangkok Rama VIII Brücke

The Rama VIII Bridge consists of a single 160 metre high pylon crowned by a gilded sculpture of a stylized flame.

Faith carved in Stone The Tea