Five o'clock in the morning on Mount Zwegabin: A monk from the monastery holds his daily morning meditation. Part of the meditation is practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness means being in the here and now, not only physically, but also mentally. Many of us are in the past with their thoughts, are worried or thinking about the future. Our thinking is usually flanked by the hope that at some point a contented state could set in. An attentive person, on the other hand, pays attention to the moment without evaluating it. This is the second decisive facet of mindfulness.

We tend to evaluate everything permanently. Being mindful means letting this evaluation be and concentrating on what is just outside the mind. A simple exercise is to concentrate on one's breath and thereby establish distance to the thoughts.

One of the most spectacular landscapes of Myanmar: view from the 800-meter monastery in the morning Hpa-An Karst mountains shortly before sunrise.

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  1. I would like to have this ability to meditate. But my head never hangs up. I always end up thinking about something …
    Maybe I have to go to any of these eastern culture countries.