Hamburg Demonstration against right-wing Alster
© Omar Sayami


Under the slogan "Hamburg stands up - against right-wing extremism and neo-Nazi networks", tens of thousands of people demonstrated on the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg on Friday afternoon.

Wonderful atmosphere and a great sign for a frightening occasion. It's not just the inhuman policies of the AfD that are worrying, but rather the people who vote for them. Despite all the worries and uncertainties in these times, people should not allow themselves to be sucked in by these demagogues and anti-democrats.

In the end, the event was so full that we had to struggle to get away from the crowd.

Call for Freedom Greening Shores


  1. in Köln nannte man das 1992 : “Arsch huh, Zäng ussenander”
    und entsprechend der rheinischen Mentalität gab es ein Rock-Konzert mit lokalen Mundartgrößen dazu.
    Heute Kult.
    Eigener Wikipedia Artikel, in dem der recht derbe Titel übersetzt wird, ist zur Lektüre empfohlen ;-)))
    War das ein kalten Abend, damals am 09.11.1992…..

  2. Unfortunately the right-wing is on the rise.
    The governments of societies are cyclical, and generations do not learn from the mistakes of a past generation. And just like children, who don’t learn from their parents’ mistakes, they make the same mistakes that their parents made, because that’s the only way to learn.