The eyes of a city

People in the South Qonduz: Traveling through the bazaars and streets of the city, encounters with sad and distraught people.

Since the civil war Kunduz has recovered economically fast, also because of the support of the international community, which in the end did not manage to win the hearts of the people. Also through nepotism and corruption many of the people turned away from the existing system and partly joined the insurgents.

Although the infrastructure has been built, roads, sewage and many educational facilities have been created, the security situation is constantly unstable. The danger of attacks and suicide bombers is extremely high, not a week goes by without minor or major incidents of this kind. In contrast to the other metropolises, such as Kabul or Herat, many women do not dare to go to the bazaars without a burqa.

On September 28, 2015, approximately 1,000 Taliban fighters invaded the city center and occupied important government buildings, and by the evening they were able to bring the entire city under their control. It was not until October 13, 2015 that the government troops, supported by the American army, managed to bring the city under their control. It is hard for us to imagine the torments that traumatized people had to endure.

The region is very fertile and unusually green for Afghanistan. The valley through which the Kunduz River flows is surrounded on three sides by high mountains, the foothills of the Hindu Kush, directly on one side and indirectly on the other. Kunduz has a small airfield and is therefore a hub for development aid and the international military.

It remains to be hoped that through education and the openness gained through it, through serious efforts of the Afghan state without corrupt officials and government members, the Afghan society can develop peacefully, a hopeful future for their children will be created.

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  1. mehrere Bilder zu einem Thema sind viel mehr als die Summe der Einzelbilder
    dazu der Text und die Karte
    gute kleine Reportage
    danke fürs Mitnehmen auf dem Weg durch die Stadt

  2. Great photographic work. Excelent portraits.

    I would like to have your lack of embarrassment to portray people on the street. But unfortunately, I do not have this ability and resourcefulness.