Thanaka face of Myanmar

Thanakapaste is from the bark of the Indian Holzapfelbaumes (Limonia acidissima) or from a kind of belong to the Orange diamonds (Murraya paniculata) won, belong to the family of rutaceae and are common in Southeast Asia. The Indian Holzapfelbaum is maximum 10 metres tall and blooms in may or June; the spherical, Apple-large fruits with a hard shell mature in November or December. The flesh is dark brown and mousse-like and tastes like jam. The wood of the tree is very hard, yellowish in colour and gives off a pleasant fragrance. The best Thanaka is derived from older, approximately 35-year-old trees.

In Myanmar it by children and women at each age are painted into the face and called casually Burmese make-up.

In the trade can you either the paste finished ground or pieces of wood to buy diameter of at least five centimeters, whose bark the consumers on a grinding stone provided for this purpose, called Kyauk Pyin, mix with water to form a paste. Markets, before Temple entrances and streets Thanaka mountains is offered piled on.

The Thanaka paste is used by young and old as natural cosmetics. It lends to the face a fresh, juvenile appearance, is to protect from UV-Radition of the sun and work refreshingly. Besides it has the call to work against skin aging and with illness against coughs and cold. Easily the skin brightening up and anti-inflammatory effect of the crust, in addition a small UV protection could be proven in the laboratory.

Source: Wikipedia

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