Bolnuevo Spain Beach Toilets
© Omar Sayami

Fish every day

Fresh fisherman's art at the public toilet on the beach of Bolnuevo.

After visiting the fishing village, its beach and the erosions, the Gredas de Bolnuevo, you can continue on local hiking trails to discover the charm of the town's coves, which stretch along nine kilometres of coastline. | Spain

The Six Into Town


  1. ein angenehm unaufgeregter Ort, jedenfalls in der Vorsaison
    unglaubliche Steinformation
    teils befahrbare Wanderstraße direkt am Meer
    und dann ….
    Zeltlandschaft für unseren Tomatenhunger im Januar
    Bio fürs gute Gewissen

  2. It’s a beautiful drawing.
    Much more in harmony than the lifeguard’s house, which is a copy of the houses that exist throughout the United States.