Fresh mountain air

Im Hochland von Arkadien auf der Peloponnes im kleinen Bergdorf Dimitsána.

Dimitsana Griechenland Peloponnes Griechenland Dimitsana Kirchen

Das kleine beschauliche Bergdorf Dimitsána ist Ausgangspunkt für schöne Wanderungen in der Bergregion der Peloponnes. Der Ort liegt auf einem Bergrücken auf ungefähr tausend Meter Höhe und ist dadurch deutlich kühler.
From here you have an impressive view of the Lousios valley below and the Arcadian mountain landscape..

Of course, the place has meanwhile adjusted to the Tourismous, thus one finds numerous small accommodations, partly very high-priced, but also a lot of taverns and cafes..

Nearby is the monastery Prodromou, which was built in an impressive way into the rocky landscape like many other monasteries.

Because of its location, Dimitsána became famous during the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Ottoman Empire. | Greece

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  1. Another side of Greece, as the sights that are most “sold” are the white and blue houses by the sea.
    A picturesque and very attractive place.