Corniglia Staircase Train Station Italy Cinque Terre
© Omar Sayami

The Steps to the Moon

When you arrive at the railway station in Corniglia, you don't really realise the extent of it. If you want to reach the Cinque Terre village on foot, you first have to climb the hundreds of steps to the top, also known as the Scalinata Lardarina.

A sweat-inducing and sporty challenge in the afternoon sun. At the end, however, you are rewarded with a fantastic view and a delightful Corniglia. To spoil the fun, you can also take the shuttle bus to the top for a few euros. | Italy

Camera: iPhone 13 mini
Aperture: ƒ/1.6
Focal length: 5.1mm
Shutter speed: 1/1400s
Flash fired: no
ISO: 50
Taken: 10/6/2023
Breakthrough Coffee and Carpet


  1. The people who live there must have an excellent physical constitution and do not need to go to the gym.
    As for me… I would die before reaching the halfway point.

  2. am Ende der Stufen wartet keine Bar,
    sondern eine Pharmacy (sic!) und ein Stützpunkt des Croce Verde.
    …lieber shuttlen ;-)