English Lessons School Table Char Gul Tepa
© Omar Sayami

The Traces of Time

English lessons at one of the schools we built in Char Gul Tepa: The English teacher of the girls' school had to leave the region three years ago and now lives in Kabul. Unfortunately, the Taliban have taken control of the district and nothing is as it had been before. | Afghanistan

Sounds of the North Golden Gaze


  1. A disheartening end to your story that accompanies this great documentary shot. I am intrigued by your revelation that you built this school. Kudos to you!

  2. … aber das was der Lehrer ihnen bis dahin beigebracht hat, nimmt ihnen keiner mehr weg.
    Und sie geben es in irgendeiner Weise früher oder später weiter.
    Einige Worte auf der Tafel machen Hoffnung.