Reports from over the world

13. July 2019

The island

Auf der kanarischen Insel La Gomera in den Neunziger Jahren. Bei der derzeitig raschen Entwicklung des (Pauschal-) Tourismus auf La Gomera besteht die Gefahr, dass die Menschen, die auf der ...
20. May 2019

The crumbling time

Impressions from the old centre of the harbour town Mirbat.

Mirbat war bereits im 17. Jahrhundert als Handelsstützpunkt bedeutend. Schiffe aus Indien und Ostafrika liefen in die geschützte Bucht von Mirbat ...
12. May 2019

Nature games in the desert

A very small adventure in the wet Anti-Atlas

Nach dem heftigen Gewitter am Abend zuvor in Ourzazate begrüßt uns ein sonniger Morgen, nach dem Frühstück planen wir nach Agdz und ...
4. May 2019

Grapes in dry land

Weinanbau in der Charikar Ebene. Das Charikar Tal in ca. 1600 Meter Höhe, 65 km nördlich von Kabul, umgeben von den Vier- und Fünftausendern des Hindukusch, lebt hauptsächlich vom Weinanbau. ...
29. April 2019

Desolated Water

A wet evening in the desert town of Ouarzazate.

Lpät am Abend zieht gerade ein Gewitter über der Stadt Ouarzazate ab und die letzte Sonne streift ein letztes Mal über die ...
7. April 2019

Rocky bathing

Am Rande der Wahiba Wüste befindet sich der Wadi Bani Khalid. Wenn man in den Wadi weiter hinein läuft gelangt man, neben bizarren Steinformation, an kleine und kühle Pools zum ...
25 March 2019

The Curse of the Water

A report on the construction of water supply in Afghanistan.

Wwater is a very precious commodity in Afghanistan. Actually there is enough for all, but in many regions, the locals have to ...
6 March 2019


Together with some fellow fishermen, I spend on a sunny day on the Kunduz River, while the fishermen try to fill its network. Some fishermen from the district ...
28 February 2019

Grain by Grain

Also in Laos rice is a food product, in the otherwise mountainous country wide rice fields are especially in the river valleys. In recent years, the Southeast Asian country can its population ...
21 February 2019

The cold work day

A wet and icy wind sweeping through the streets of the Bazaar. A hard working day has dawned for the donkey and its owner in the town of Taloqan. Early in the morning, they transport ...
27 January 2019

Gold plated wedding in the glass palace

Weddings are celebrated in Afghanistan mostly in a large scale and with many guests, business partners and family. Meanwhile, an entire industry of wedding halls across the country has become. In Kabul ...
17 January 2019

Green Laundry Day

On the road in the Laotian jungle village Muang Ngoy.

The village on the river Nam OU is accessible only by boat, either from the village of Nong Khiaw or Muang Khua, it ...
5. January 2019

Sand Water

On the road in the Wadi and the Rocky desert Shuwaymiyah. The deserted desert Jiddat al-Harasis fascinating dry Valley Shuwaymiyah is located on the East coast of Oman in the South. The region is about three hundred kilometers from ...