Days gone by in stone

The heart of Andalusia.

Antequera Andalusien Stadt Spanien

Within the city of 41,000 inhabitants Antequera there is a lot to discover, around 40 churches and convents can be visited here. Above the church, the remains of the Castillo Alcazaba with Moorish, Roman and Christian constructions are waiting to be visited and from here you have a wide view over the city.

In the fertile plateau of the Río Guadalhorce, in the mountainous hinterland of the province of Málaga, lies the sun-drenched and historic Antequera. Antikaria was the name of the settlement of the Romans built here in Andalusia at that time. However, prehistoric, external dolmens (stone tombs) bear witness to a much older megalithic culture.

View of the -Arco de los Gigantes-, an arched wall, built in 1585. The city council at that time decided to place here all the statues and stone tablets that had been found in the Roman places in the area. The arch is 7 meters high and has walls over two meters thick.

Contemplative living in the quiet alleys next to the Castell Alcazaba. | Spain

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