Memory of the TV Hill above the capital of Afghanistan.

Actually, it is not possible for most people to climb up Koh-e-Asamayi, the highest mountain in Kabul. On the top of the mountain, the high antenna systems are enthroned and at the same time it is a military spear area. Because of the TV masts, it is also popularly called -TV Hill-.

The transmission masts of the mobile, TV and radio stations: Thanks to our friends from a government organisation, we were still allowed to climb the mountain, or rather drive up on the gravel road.

View of the old city with the Shah-e Doh Shamshira Mosque: On the mountain you have a three hundred and sixty degree overview of the whole city. You have to be lucky that the smog of the city does not cloud the view.

Of course, the strategically important post is guarded by Afghan soldiers. Up here, they basically have a relatively peaceful and quiet mission.

The supreme commander of the -TV Hill- troop inquires about the legitimacy of our appearance. After a short phone call, we are allowed to walk around on the hilltop and take photos.

To the east you can see the snow-capped mountains of the Hindu Kush and the suburbs of the city in the basin between the mountains...

... and even further southeast.

View of the Shar-e-Nau district and some government buildings.

Not only soldiers are present, the police are also present, even if only temporarily, as this officer told me.

In addition to a small troop of international soldiers, there are also elite soldiers who secure the mountain.

Pause for the feet of a soldier.

View into the courtyards of the mud houses, which were built directly on the mountain.

We all know what is happening in the country and in Kabul. I am grateful that I had the chance to work and travel in the country in a state of hope and awakening. Even though the omens over the years in the country showed relatively quickly where Afghanistan was heading. I wish that my friends, acquaintances, co-workers and the many other people will not come to harm, even if it is hard to imagine.

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  1. I believe things are different this time. That all the oppression will not happen… Perhaps this is an idyllic vision.

    Thank you for this photo report entry. I didn’t imagine that Kabul was so vast in terms of area.

  2. Hallo Omar,
    wunderbare Bilder aus Kabul. Die Lage scheint mir nicht nur dort ziemlich diffus. Ich hoffe das deine Wünsche bezüglich deiner Freunde aber auch überhaupt aller Menschen in Erfüllung gehen. Ich bin zuversichtlich.
    Beste Grüße