Pirate apartment free

On the west coast of Fuerteventura in a pirate hideout.

Grotte Cuevas Negras Fuertenventura

Access to Cuevas Negras Grotto - Located near Ajuy, a small remote fishing village on the rugged west coast of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. Today the historic pirate caves of Ajuy are located in the Monumento National de Ajuy Nature Park, which was declared in 1994.

Since Fuerteventura was located at a strategically important sea point, they hid their prey in the large caves of Ajuy and sailed on to the other Canarian neighboring islands to attack them as well.

One of the grottos inside, loud by the roaring sea and the whistling wind and always the taste of sea in the mouth.

Golden Shore Windy Wood


  1. Diese Piraten müssen im 15./16.Jahrhundert eine ziemliche Plage gewesen sein.
    Ich habe mal ein bisschen nachgelesen.
    Danke für die Anregung :-)
    Tolle Bilder