Reports from over the world

19 July 2015

Jungle Run

A day on the trail in the jungle near Pyiu U Lwin. Contacts with plants and unknown animals.
3. may 2015

About acrobats, clowns and spectators

A special day in Qonduz, a circus from Pakistan a guest for a few days in the city. Among them clowns, acrobats and knife thrower. Scenes of a rare afternoon in another world ...
9 April 2015

The cool hour

Later hour, then, when the temperatures are slightly cooler, in Oman streets and souks
29. March 2015

Kabul Days

Pictures from 2003: impressions from the capital Kabul. Kabul days - open bazaars on the main road - wedding cakes in a Pâtisserie in the district Shar-e-Nau - boy of the ...
8. February 2015

Suns Mirror

Sunset at the publishing house DER SPIEGEL in Hamburg on a cold winter evening
24. August 2014

City Moves

Insights into a vibrant capital - Bangkok
29. June 2014

A gray day

A series of images: On the road in Kunduz province, on the border with the province of Tahar, in Khanabad and in the surrounding villages on a cold winter day.