Reports from over the world

18. September 2017

Freedom and the elephant

When one of our hikes on the island of Koh Chang our way to an elephant-riding rental ran past and unfortunately confirmed my prejudices. The animals were all fixed on heavy chains, ...
9 September 2017

Soccer Kids

Ein Nachmittag im Hafenviertel von Maskat – Im Ortsteil Mutrah: Eine sportliche Begegnung mit ein paar Jungs die auf einer Wiese Fußball spielten und sich unbedingt ablichten lassen wollten.
28. August 2017

The Make Up

Thanaka face of Myanmar

Thanakapaste is from the bark of the Indian Holzapfelbaumes (Limonia acidissima) or from a kind of belong to the Orange diamonds (Murraya paniculata) won, which belongs to the family of the ...
4. August 2017

The Murmur of the South Terrace

Pilgrimages from Yangon and other parts of Myanmar travel to the Myat Shin Maw pagoda on the southern tip of the Dawei peninsula. A Buddhist temple that was built on a steep slope, various ...
12 June 2017

Rusty rails of Dreams

By train to the south of Myanmar - a leisurely trip

The morning is still surprisingly cool on the train platform in Mawlamyine, sleepy dogs rest on the ...
15 April 2017

The Old City

A tour through the historical Park of Sukhothai.

Sukhothai literally means "Dawn of happiness". The city has been declared in 1238 to the capital of the Thai Kingdom, which in its heyday to ...
16. March 2017

The Long Road

Insights into the development of the education system in Afghanistan.

23 Years of war, destruction, and millions of refugees have left a desolate educational infrastructure in Afghanistan. A large proportion of the schools was ...
13 January 2017

Renaissance and Present

Insights into the city hall of Hamburg. . In the great Hall of the Hamburg City Hall, the septuagenarian of the newsmagazine story was awarded mirror. Guest speakers included Chief Editor Klaus Brinkbäumer, Federal Minister Ursula von der Leyen and ...
23 February 2016

Art Legs

A small alleys of theatre and music ensemble on the Plaza de Armas in Havana during their demonstration with a few audience children
22. February 2016

Havana Libre

Entlang am Malecón, der Ufermauer in Havanna, Richtung Hotel -Havanna Libre-. Alle Fotos habe ich mit meiner analogen Nikon gemacht, alle waren überbelichtet, und das ist das Ergebnis. Das -Habana ...
25 October 2015

Floating Wood

To visit since hundreds of years, the Oman of dhows wooden carpenters build on the business premises of the boatyard of sur. Previously sailed the Giants across distant oceans, today they are a status symbol ...
18th October 2015

Rusty Times

The history of one of the largest mining villages in Sardinia, the Miniera di Ingurtosu e Gennamari, starts in the second half of the 19th century, in the town of Ingurtosu. Here was zinc, in a big way ...
26 July 2015

City Escapes

An afternoon in the old town of Kabul. The district in Kabul is to discover on foot. All the houses are loam buildings before and many buildings are being restored again for a long time. Most ...