Reports from over the world

20 may 2019

The crumbling time

Impressions from the old centre of the harbour town Mirbat.

Mirbat was already important as a trading base in the 17th century. Ships from India and East Africa ran into the sheltered bay of Mirbat. ...
12 may 2019

Nature games in the desert

A very small adventure in the wet Anti-Atlas

After the violent thunderstorm the evening before in Ourzazate a sunny morning welcomes us, after breakfast we plan to Agdz and ...
4. may 2019

Grapes in dry land

Viniculture in the Charikar plain. The Charikar valley in approx. 1600 meters altitude, 65 km north of Kabul, surrounded by the four and five thousand meter peaks of the Hindu Kush, lives mainly from viticulture.. ...
29 April 2019

Desolated Water

A wet evening in the desert town of Ouarzazate.

Late in the evening a thunderstorm is just breaking over the town of Ouarzazate and the last sun is shining for the last time over the river. ...
7 April 2019

Rocky bathing

At the edge of the Wahiba Desert is the Wadi Bani Khalid. If you walk further into the wadi, you get, beside bizarre rock formations, to small and cool pools to the ...
25 March 2019

The Curse of the Water

A report on the development of the water supply in Afghanistan.

Water is a particularly precious commodity in Afghanistan. Actually, there is enough for everyone, but in many regions the locals have to ...
6 March 2019


I spend a sunny day on the Kunduz River together with a few fisher friends while the fishermen try to fill their nets. Some fishermen from the district ...
28 February 2019

Grain by Grain

Rice is also a staple food in Laos, where large rice fields can be found in the otherwise mountainous country, especially in the river valleys. For some years now, the Southeast Asian country has been able to increase its population by ...
21 February 2019

The cold work day

An icy and humid wind sweeps through the alleys of the bazaar. A hard working day breaks for the donkey and its owners in the small town of Taloqan. Early in the morning they transport ...
27 January 2019

Gold plated wedding in the glass palace

Weddings are celebrated in Afghanistan mostly in a large scale and with many guests, business partners and family. Meanwhile, an entire industry of wedding halls across the country has become. In Kabul ...
17 January 2019

Green Laundry Day

On the road in the Laotian jungle village Muang Ngoy.

The village on the river Nam OU is accessible only by boat, either from the village of Nong Khiaw or Muang Khua, it ...
5. January 2019

Sand Water

On the road in the Wadi and the Rocky desert Shuwaymiyah. The deserted desert Jiddat al-Harasis fascinating dry Valley Shuwaymiyah is located on the East coast of Oman in the South. The region is about three hundred kilometers from ...
24 December 2018

Time of Reflection

In the morning at five o'clock on the mountain of Zwegabin: A monk from the monastery holds his daily morning meditation. A part of meditation is the practice in Mindfulness. Mindfulness means in the here ...