In an ancient Kingdom

On the way into Bagan between old temples and pagodas.

Myanmar Bagan Pagoden

In one of the most impressive regions of Myanmar: Bagan used to be the capital of a huge kingdom. From here the whole empire was ruled between 900 - 1300, which at that time almost had the dimensions of today's territory of Myanmar.

Myanmar Bagan Pagode

An estimated 2200 intact temples and pagodas stand on an area of 42 square kilometres. Bagan is considered one of the largest archaeological sites in Asia. The temple area in the middle of the steppe landscape looks very spacious, this is mainly due to the fact that in former times the houses of the former inhabitants stood between the temples. While the wooden houses rotted, the temples survived the centuries.


The Gavdawpalin Temple belongs to the group of two-storey monumental buildings. It was heavily destroyed by the earthquake in 1975, but has since been rebuilt. The temple is 60 m high and thus one of the highest buildings in Bagan.

Ananda Tempel Bagan

The Ananda Temple is one of the most impressive buildings in Bagan. In the large plain its gilded dome can be seen from far away. It dates from the 11th century and was completely restored after the great earthquake of 1975. Inside there are four over twelve meter large gilded Buddha figures.

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