Green Laundry Day

On the road in the Laotian jungle village Muang Ngoy.

Waschtag in Muang Ngoy

The village at the river Nam Ou can only be reached by boat, either from the village Nong Khiaw or from Muang Khua, it is beautifully embedded in a karst mountain valley. Meanwhile it has developed into a tourist hotspot, with guest houses and restaurants. From the valley you can set off on discovery tours through the jungle, go hiking, climbing or relax for a few days in the village.

Mädchen Muang Ngoy

You can also visit the surrounding villages, Bana, Huay Bo and Huay Sen. Bana is about 30 minutes away. The way leads past the Tham Kang cave, at the field path there are some small restaurants with food, idyllically situated at the river and beside the rice fields.

Große Wäsche im Hinterhof in Muang Ngoy

In 1964, the USA began bombing the country, because part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail ran along it. As a result, Laos became the most heavily bombed country in the Vietnam War. According to official information, the US Air Force dropped more than two million tons of bombs in more than 580,000 missions. Muang Ngoy was also destroyed. Even today, people die from old exploding ammunition or suffer mutilations. Unfortunately, children are often the victims.

Dorfstraße in Muang Ngoy Unterwegs zum Dorf Huay Bo

On the left is the entrance to the Tham Kang cave. It also served as a shelter for the villagers during the Vietnam War. During this time the fields could often only be cultivated at night.

Landschaft in der Nähe des Dorfs Huay Bo
Day Limit Bridge Light


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder, spannende Reportage!
    Das macht unmittelbar Lust auch nach Laos zu reisen und aud Entdeckung zu gehen!