Traditional night and food market in Yangon. Delicious meals and shopping included.

When the sun goes down, numerous streets in the Burmese metropolis turn into eating miles. A smorgasbord of stalls and seating make the small streets a great culinary feast with a surprising number of different opportunities. It's also a great way to meet people in the city for a moment.

Nachtmarkt Yangon

Night market in Yangon Downtown: Vegetable and fruit stalls in the side streets with lots of fresh goods.

Nachtmarkt Yangon

Neighbors cook together for the street, for a few kyat you can put together delicious street food dishes. You don't need expensive restaurants to eat well.

Nachtmarkt Yangon

There is food, appetizers and desserts for every taste in a variety of shapes and tastes.

Nachtmarkt Yangon

The streets become a restaurant mile: colorful little plastic stools and tables serve as seating.

Nachtmarkt Yangon

Or it is cooked and served directly at the tables.

This nightly gathering can be found in Myanmar in almost every city or larger town. A pleasant tradition that invites you to linger and eat and talk to each other, but which also disappears quickly, because Burmese go to bed early. If you walk through the alleys at a later hour, you usually don't see anything of the spectacle.

Unfortunately, I do not know how this is handled at the moment, as the military junta has imposed curfews in the evening and at night.

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