For the youth, this is a welcome building in Kunduz province.

This bridge over the Kunduz River could no longer be used in the future; too much damage, weak points and bomb attacks had severely weakened the structure. The international community then built a new crossing next to the old one in 2012. Now heavy lorries can also reach the Char Dara district. The boys from Kunduz and the neighbouring villages don't care, they are happy to prove their courage by jumping off the rusty iron.

It's summer and the region gets very hot and humid in summer. The boys are full of energy as they jump, swim and then run back up onto the bridge.

Kunduz Bridge Baden

The river has a pleasant bathing temperature, but is quite dirty, the surrounding tributaries from the city are heavily polluted with faeces and other dirt. The children don't mind.

Great joy because the photographer is interested in what they are doing. This spurs them on to jump again and again.

Of course, hunger also sets in and so a melon or two are eaten right by the water.

Pink Glasses Fish Talker


  1. Die neue breite Brücke ist gebaut,
    aber den “Sprungturm” gibt es immer noch..
    Sonnige braune Jungengesichter in abwaschwasserfarbener Brühe.
    Das erinnert mich an das Foto von Annie Leibovitz : “Whoopie Goldberg in Milch”.
    Schöne kleine Reportage : unbekümmerte Lebensfreude.