A tour through the historical Park of Sukhothai.

Sukhothai literally means "dawn of happiness". The city was 1238 declared the capital of the Thai Kingdom that was greater in its heyday more than Thailand today.

Sukhothai was the capital but only for 140 years. In 1378, Sukhothai was part of the Siamese Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

Sukhothai Geschichtspark

Already in 1942, there were plans to restaurate them as a historic park. The first work on the inventory but began at the beginning of the 1950s. On August 2, 1961 was announced in the Royal Gazette, that the area had been put under the protection of the fine arts department. On January 25, 1964, the Ramkhamhaeng Museum was opened by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Here, important finds could be issued. in 1976, the Thai Government laid down that the ruin fields should be developed into a historical park ("Historical Park"). The final restoration was completed in 1988 and the Sukhothai historical park opened by the King. On December 12, 1991 the history park was declared together with similar Park in Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet to a part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Inside and outside the old city walls almost 200 temple ruins can be seen, oldest originating from the 13th century.

Sukhothai Wat Si Sawai

Wat Si Sawai: the temple was probably already founded in the 12th century by the Khmers as a Shiva temple. Today there are before the three distinctive Prang the remains of a Wihan ("Hall of religious and lay people"), a wall surrounds the whole complex. Today, a well preserved lintel, which shows a sleeping Vishnu, located in the Museum.

Sukhothai Thailand

The old town, the locals also Mueang Kao ' old town ' "was called, surrounded by embankments and ditches about 2 km x 1.6 km stretch. The fixtures led four entrance gates to the city. Within these walls are the remains of the Royal Palace and more as 20 temples, of which the largest WAT Mahathat is. The historical Park includes areas north, East, South and West outside the walls, which are more ruins temple.

Sukhothai Wat Chang Lom

Another temple in Sukhothai, Wat Chang Lom.

Wat Saphan Hin − in the wooded hills of West city is located the "stone bridge monastery". A great statue of Buddha of "Phra Attharot" (Attharasa: Pali for eighteen, the statue is eighteen cubits tall, equivalent to 8.3 metres) overlooks the historical Park.

Sukhothai Buddha im Wat Mahāthāt

The Royal Palace and Wat Mahāthāt ("the great relic Temple") is the real center of the plant

Sukhothai Buddha Thailand

In the old town of Sukhothai

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