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Sweet and sweet

24. May 2018 Ferni: A typical Afghan dessert, in a sales counter of a restaurant in Kunduz which is needed: 1 L of Vollmilch80g cornstarch with 20 EL waters stirred 3 heaped TBSP sugar 2TL Kardamom50g [...] Read Tags: | | |

Crater and hangover

5. March 2018 Some Laotian guests sit at coffee and booze behind the martial decoration, bombs unexploded ordnance from the Vietnam war, in the craters restaurants in Phonsavan. The wife of a guest is waiting patiently [...] Read Tags: | | | | | |

Of Seats and Graves

20 November 2017

Roman Theatre and rock houses

Myra is an ancient town in Lycia. The place is now called Demre and is located in the province of Antalya in Turkey. Myra is known as [...] Read
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Freedom and the elephant

18. September 2017 When one of our hikes on the island of Koh Chang our way to an elephant-riding rental ran past and unfortunately confirmed my prejudices. The animals were all fixed on heavy chains, [...] Read Tags: | | |

The Make Up

28. August 2017

Thanaka face of Myanmar

Thanakapaste is from the bark of the Indian Holzapfelbaumes (Limonia acidissima) or from a kind of belong to the Orange diamonds (Murraya paniculata) won, which belongs to the family of the [...] Read
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Rusty rails of Dreams

12 June 2017

By train to the south of Myanmar - a leisurely trip

The morning is still surprisingly cool on the train platform in Mawlamyine, sleepy dogs rest on the [...] Read
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The Old City

15 April 2017

A tour through the "Historical Park" of Sukhothai

Sukhothai literally means "Dawn of happiness". The city has been declared in 1238 to the capital of the Thai Kingdom, which in its heyday to [...] Read
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The Long Road

16. March 2017

Insights into the development of education in Afghanistan

23 Years of war, destruction, and millions of refugees have left a desolate educational infrastructure in Afghanistan. A large proportion of the schools was [...] Read
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Renaissance and Present

13 January 2017 Insights into the city hall of Hamburg. . In the great Hall of the Hamburg City Hall, the septuagenarian of the newsmagazine story was awarded mirror. Guest speakers included Chief Editor Klaus Brinkbäumer, Federal Minister Ursula von der Leyen and [...] Read Tags: | | | |

Floating Wood

25 October 2015 The Omani of dhow wooden carpenters build since hundreds of years. Previously sailed the Giants across distant oceans, today they are a status symbol of sultans and millionaires. Only a few fishermen and [...] Read Tags: | | |

Rusty Times

18th October 2015 The history of one of the largest mining villages in Sardinia, the Miniera di Ingurtosu e Gennamari, starts in the second half of the 19th century, in the town of Ingurtosu. Here was zinc, in a big way [...] Read Tags: | | | |

City Escapes

26 July 2015 An afternoon in the old town of Kabul. The district in Kabul is to discover on foot. All the houses are loam buildings before and many buildings are being restored again for a long time. Most [...] Read Tags: | | | | |

About acrobats, clowns and spectators

3. may 2015 A special day in Qonduz, a circus from Pakistan a guest for a few days in the city. Among them clowns, acrobats and knife thrower. Scenes of a rare afternoon in another world [...] Read Tags: | | | | | |