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27 January 2019

Gold plated wedding in the glass palace

Weddings are celebrated in Afghanistan mostly in a large scale and with many guests, business partners and family. Meanwhile, an entire industry of wedding halls across the country has become. In Kabul ...
17 January 2019

Green Laundry Day

On the road in the Laotian jungle village Muang Ngoy.

The village on the river Nam OU is accessible only by boat, either from the village of Nong Khiaw or Muang Khua, it ...
5. January 2019

Sand Water

On the road in the Wadi and the Rocky desert Shuwaymiyah. The deserted desert Jiddat al-Harasis fascinating dry Valley Shuwaymiyah is located on the East coast of Oman in the South. The region is about three hundred kilometers from ...
24 December 2018

Time of Reflection

In the morning at five o'clock on the mountain of Zwegabin: A monk from the monastery holds his daily morning meditation. A part of meditation is the practice in Mindfulness. Mindfulness means in the here ...
10 December 2018

Pirate apartment free

On the West coast of Fuerteventura in a pirate hideout. Entry to the cave of Cuevas Negras - is located in the vicinity of Ajuy, a secluded fishing village on the rugged West Coast ...
26 November 2018

In an ancient Kingdom

On the way into Bagan between old temples and pagodas. In one of the most impressive areas of Myanmar: Bagan was formerly the capital of a vast Kingdom. From here was between about 900 -. ...
21 November 2018

The corner on the Chao Phraya

On a cooler evening at the Chao Phraya River and in the adjacent Sant-Chai-Prakan-Park in the middle of Bangkok can you escape the hustle and bustle and the noise of the city. On the edge of Green Park ...
29 October 2018

Sandy Gold

There are still the untouched beaches, at least in Myanmars South, such as the Nabule beach. Along the Dawei Nabule Beach Peninsula: A 10 km long beach at the end ...
15 October 2018

The eyes of a city

People in the South Qonduz: Traveling through the bazaars and streets of the city, encounters with sad and distraught people. Since the civil war Kunduz has recovered economically fast, thanks ...
September 16, 2018

The art of eating, the night and the flavour

On the night market of Mawlamyaing

On the banks of Thanlwin River a food stall at the other joins. Fresh fish, shrimp, meat kebabs and vegetables are in the range. On the colorful ...
24. May 2018

Sweet and sweet

Ferni: A typical Afghan dessert, in a sales counter of a restaurant in Kunduz which is needed: 1 L of Vollmilch80g cornstarch with 20 EL waters stirred 3 heaped TBSP sugar 2TL Kardamom50g ...
5. March 2018

Crater and hangover

Some Laotian guests sit at coffee and booze behind the martial decoration, bombs unexploded ordnance from the Vietnam war, in the craters restaurants in Phonsavan. The wife of a guest is waiting patiently ...
5. December 2017

Bazar Days

An afternoon in one of the numerous bazaars around the Jade Maiwand Bazaar in Kabul. The pictures were taken in 2004.