Reports from over the world

1. July 2020

Early rush

A small walk through parts of the souk in Marrakesh. Normal everyday life in the souk of Marrakesh. Early in the morning there are still few people on the way, later it can be very crowded. ...
8 May 2020

Nafplio, the quiet capital

Spaziergang durch eine kleine, geschichtsträchtige und angenehme Stadt. Die Hafenstadt im Osten der Peloponnes war von 1829 bis 1834 die provisorische Hauptstadt von Griechenland. Ein herzerwärmender Anblick, dieses Nafplio, das ...
29 April 2020

Buddha in the Underworld

On the way in the Mahar Sadan cave near Hpa-An. Very impressive medium-sized and small Buddha statues on the walls, still have a strong spiritual charisma even after several hundred years.The Mahar ...
2 April 2020

Silent Times

Scenes of a country that was still on the off during our trip. Myanmar was under the rule of a military dictatorship for more than fifty years. Over this period, the country of ...
26 March 2020

Old Gold

The Shwedagon, also known as Shwedagon-Paya, is the most important sacred building and religious center of Myanmar in Yangon. According to legend, the Shwedagon Pagoda is more than 2500 years old. Records of Buddhist monks testify, ...
20 March 2020

Rocky Work

At an altitude of about 2,000 metres, there is a high plateau with numerous small villages around the village of Saiq. The valley near Saiq is only partially managed. But ...
10 February 2020

Ride through the wild Tajikistan

Have you ever driven a taxi in Cairo? Also in Cape Town and Rio? All cold coffee, you can forget it. The real adventure lurks in Tajikistan.
19 January 2020

Cocoa with Opium

A trip to Bamiyan through a wild country.

Together with a few friends from Kunduz who worked for a charity, we wanted to travel by land to Bamiyan. Us ...
15 November 2019

Icy Traffic Jam

From an upcoming festivity, an avalanche and little discipline.

A policeman looks helplessly at the 50-kilometre-long tin avalanche at Salang Pass. Afghans seem to love the chaos, despite ...
5 November 2019

Humid Soles

Lots of water from above and below in the medina of Marrakesh.

During the day it was already extremely hot in Marrakesh, in the early evening the thunderstorms came and it rained ...
28 October 2019

Fresh mountain air

Im Hochland von Arkadien am Peloponnes im kleinen Bergdorf Dimitsána. Das kleine beschauliche Bergdorf Dimitsána ist Ausgangspunkt für schöne Wanderungen in der Bergregion der Peloponnes. Der Ort liegt auf einem ...
25 September 2019


On the way in the Draa Valley, one of the most enchanting landscapes in Morocco.

In the southeast of Ouarzazate an idyllic valley opens up with palm groves, Berber settlements and old kasbahs. The lifeline is the Draa River, which flows along the ...
5. August 2019

The way back

The Mahar Sadan Cave near Hpa-An can be walked through in about ten to fifteen minutes, passing impressive rock formations, bridges, Buddhist pagodas and Buddhas. ...