Reports from over the world

26. March 2020

Old Gold

Der Shwedagon, auch Shwedagon-Paya ist der wichtigste Sakralbau und das religiöse Zentrum Myanmars in Yangon. Der Legende nach ist die Shwedagon-Pagode mehr als 2500 Jahre alt. Aufzeichnungen buddhistischer Mönche bezeugen, ...
20. March 2020

Rocky Work

Auf rund 2.000 Metern Höhe befindet sich ein Hochplateau mit zahlreichen kleinen Ortschaften um den Ort Saiq. Das Tal in der Nähe von Saiq wird nur noch teilweise bewirtschaftet. Aber ...
10. February 2020

Ride through the wild Tajikistan

Have you ever driven a taxi in Cairo? Also in Cape Town and Rio? All cold coffee, you can forget it. The real adventure lurks in Tajikistan.
19. January 2020

Cocoa with Opium

A trip to Bamiyan through a wild country.

Gemeinsam mit ein paar Freunden aus Kunduz, die für eine Hilfsorganisation arbeiteten, wollten wir auf dem Landweg nach Bamiyan reisen. Uns ...
15. November 2019

Icy Traffic Jam

From an upcoming festivity, an avalanche and little discipline.

Ein Polizist blickt hilflos auf die ca. 50 Kilometer lange Blechlawine am Salang Pass. Afghanen lieben scheinbar das Chaos, trotz ...
5. November 2019

Humid Soles

Lots of water from above and below in the medina of Marrakesh.

Am Tag war es in Marrakesh schon extrem heiß, am frühen Abend kamen die Gewitter und es regnete ...
28 October 2019

Fresh mountain air

In the highlands of Arcadia at the Peloponnese in the small mountain village Dimitsána. The small tranquil mountain village Dimitsána is the starting point for beautiful hikes in the mountain region of the Peloponnese. The village is situated on a ...
25 September 2019


On the way in the Draa Valley, one of the most enchanting landscapes in Morocco.

In the southeast of Ouarzazate an idyllic valley opens up with palm groves, Berber settlements and old kasbahs. The lifeline is the Draa River, which flows along the ...
5. August 2019

The way back

The Mahar Sadan Cave near Hpa-An can be walked through in about ten to fifteen minutes, passing impressive rock formations, bridges, Buddhist pagodas and Buddhas. ...
13 July 2019

The island

On the Canary Island of La Gomera in the nineties. With the current rapid development of (package) tourism on La Gomera, there is a danger that the people who live on the island of La Gomera will be unable to find their way around the island. ...
20 may 2019

The crumbling time

Impressions from the old centre of the harbour town Mirbat.

Mirbat was already important as a trading base in the 17th century. Ships from India and East Africa ran into the sheltered bay of Mirbat. ...
12 may 2019

Nature games in the desert

A very small adventure in the wet Anti-Atlas

After the violent thunderstorm the evening before in Ourzazate a sunny morning welcomes us, after breakfast we plan to Agdz and ...
4. may 2019

Grapes in dry land

Viniculture in the Charikar plain. The Charikar valley in approx. 1600 meters altitude, 65 km north of Kabul, surrounded by the four and five thousand meter peaks of the Hindu Kush, lives mainly from viticulture.. ...