Leather Souk Marrakech Morocco
© Omar Sayami

Leather, leather and leather

In the souk in Marrakesh: It smells of leather, on many meters you only see leather goods, belts, bags, shoes, seat cushions and many other utensils.

As usual in Arab souks, the traders in the market area are divided geographically according to goods and trades. According to the old order, in the centre there were the "pure trades" such as cloth merchants, grocers, and on the edge there were the "impure trades" such as butchers, blacksmiths, leather merchants, storytellers, snake charmers, dentists, payers, bards, money lenders, prostitutes, junk dealers, shoe shiners, love drug dealers and many others. | Morocco

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  1. Interesting history on where the pure and impure goods are sold. An excellent PoV illustrating so many leather goods and great depth.

  2. detailreiches Bild + lehrreicher Text = “reines” Vergnügen
    aber bitte : was ist ein Zahlzieher?
    ein Lottofeerich oder ein Dentist mit Tippfehler?