Sakangyi Market Myanmar
© Omar Sayami

A question of perspective

Probably nothing for our stomachs: In the tropical midday heat, the fish is offered for sale on the not necessarily clean underground at the market in Sakangyi. The people from the region can live with it, but our western sense of hygiene has its difficulties. | Myanmar

Art Talk Not for eternity


  1. … da entspäche noch so einiges nicht den Hygiene-Auflagen für den Fisch-Einzelhandel in unseren Gefilden.
    Hierzulande bildet die IHK “Fischsommelières” (!!) aus.
    Zwei Extreme.

  2. In addition, our body does not have immunity or defenses against the microorganisms that exist there. The people there are already immunized, but we are not.
    But they do not fail to have a healthy diet.