Pisces Barracuda Oman Sohar Fish Market
© Omar Sayami

The splendor of the Indian Ocean

Fishing on the ground: traders present barracudas and small tuna for sale in front of the fish halls at the market in Sohar. | Oman

Seam to seam Golden Finish


  1. Mensch speist Barrakuda
    Barrakuda frisst Thunfisch
    Thunfisch frisst Makrele
    Makrele frisst Krebse…..
    eindrucksvolle Fortsetzung der Essen-auf-Boden-Bildserie

  2. Without a doubt, it is fresh fish… although it is not presented in the best form in terms of hygiene, but as we say here: O que não mata, engorda.
    Which can be translated as: What doesn’t kill you, makes you fat.