The cold work day

Afghanistan Taloqan Basar

An icy and humid wind sweeps through the alleys of the bazaar. A hard working day breaks for the donkey and its owners in the small town of Taloqan. Early in the morning they transport wood waste from a carpenter's workshop to a baker at the other end of the bazaar. The baker then uses the wood for his cannon oven.

Afghanistan Esel Taloqan Basar

Since I spent the whole morning in the bazaar, I could observe the bustle of the brothers very well. By noon they had covered the distance dozens of times, in between there were only a few minutes for a sip of water.

Afghanistan Esel Taloqan Gesicht

In the end, the brave donkey seemed quite satisfied. The brothers could also be happy, after all they now had money for a warm meal on an icy winter's day | Afghanistan

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